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Rule for Reaching Out To A Mile! March 18, 2023

Rules for “Reaching Out To A Mile” March 18 2023

8:00 safety meeting 8:30 match starts

30 cal (.308 diameter) and smaller at 3200 fps limit on all targets except mile

1 rifle to be used on all targets except mile. You may use a different rifle for the mile of any caliber and speed of your choosing

Spotters can only call high low left right

Each squad will have a tablet and a timer to keep their own scores

Squad number will also be you starting stage.

Round count 100ish just to be safe may be less

All stages will be prone. You will be allowed to set rifle down, but will start from standing position.

Only bags or bipods. No tripods, sleds or vises rear of rifle can only be supported by bags, no adjustable legs

Shooters will be provided with a course of fire with all ranges and target sizes

Prizes will be awarded by place of finish. 1st to last.

Cold range so no loaded weapons except on the firing line.

Chamber flags used until on the fire line.

No sidearms will be allowed while on the firing line

If you impact the mile you will receive your choice of a 1 mile club patch or 1 mile club stickers

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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