One Mile Club!

The members of this club have “Reached Out To a Mile!”

This is a list of the members of our 1 MILE CLUB!

Nice shooting everyone.

Shawn Porter (Accuracy Indiana)

Jon Goodson (Accuracy Indiana)

Chad Goodson (Accuracy Indiana)

Mitch Mathias (Accuracy Indiana)

Adam Crouse (Marine Corps)

Scott Taylor (Defense Solutions LLC)

Aaron Watson (Indiana Army National Guard)

Jack R Jensen (Project Appleseed)

Daniel Craft (Navy)

SGT Brian Harder (Army National Guard)

Mark Tuttle

Jesse Wonder

Cheyenne Fleetwood

Darrin Willis (Willis Custom Firearms)

Cory Hildenbrand

Paul Stitch

Corey Heldt

Andrew Geary

Andrew Stuckey

Shawn Powell

Jeremy Dohm

Jon Underwood

Eldon Burtsfield (Blackland Precision Rifles)

Sam Bunnell (USMCR MTU)

Kameron Byers (Willis Custom Firearms)

Mike Hazdra

Michael Reinhart

Lantz Emerson

Hayden Mayfield

Jeff Furman (Native Arsenal and Supply)

Brandon Cherry

Wade Rankin


Nathan Cushman

Jason H Bockelman

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